Documentary Films

Documentary films created and promoted for personal media pages on both YouTube and Instagram.

In 2021, I produced a short movie about my grandmother. A War-Torn Childhood is an expository documentary narrated by my grandmother and captures the economic and familial complications shared by the protagonist and millions of other refugees. This film studies the intricacies of Nancy and her family’s past pursuits in fleeing political persecution. By shedding light on the historical past and her childhood in fascist Germany, Nancy brings attention to the issues associated with problematic regimes, immigration, and the effects of World War II. Throughout this film, archival footage, audio, and the interview’s first-person perspective aid in revealing the problems faced by her family and the majority of battle-scarred Europe. This film reminds the viewer of the past’s grim realities and highlights problematic issues still relevant today.

In 2020, I produced a short documentary film called The Forgotten Revolution containing my grandpa’s life story as my final project in Advanced Film class. His cinematic narrative consists of unprecedented challenges, perseverance, and the undying pursuit of the so-called “American Dream.” My goal in sharing this film is to enlighten others about problematic regimes and share an uplifting story of success during a time of increased trouble.

The Vietnam War was a significant event in American History that oftentimes is overshadowed by other national affairs. The war’s consequences resulted in an American defeat and social, cultural, and political achievements that propelled America into a battered yet resilient nation. This film, The War in Vietnam, depicts these notions and the differential American ideals that accompany it. 

Two hundred forty-five years ago, our founding fathers outlined a document of unparalleled proportions while declaring their independence from Great Britain. They created the acclaimed Declaration of Independence. On this Fourth of July, I wanted to acknowledge the importance of the American ideals written on this document.

A montage of the grievances that have littered 2019 and the hope that accompanied them.